Economical and Practical pvc fill for cooling tower replacement

Fillers are generally not easily broken, so replacement is less likely to occur due to a broken condition.

The existence of the situation to change most of the use of the environment is too poor, the filler in the middle of the cracks are blocked affect the heat exchange will be replaced.

Otherwise usually cleaned once a month, basically you can use its life is completed.

Pvc fill for cooling tower means that is a long replacement parts, no matter what the filler material, with a long time will naturally scaling, fouling the most direct and effective way is to replace

Recycled materials generally use 3-5 years, the raw material is generally 5-10 years, the standard filler can be used for about 8 years, depending on the quality of the filler material used is bad.

In addition, the quality of the seasoning and water treatment cleaning, cleaning, pay attention to the water column pressure and water column direction, it is easy to damage the filler.


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