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IMG 1638 - Liangchi cooling tower fill - Liangchi cooling tower fill
1 - Liangchi cooling tower fill - Liangchi cooling tower fill
6 - Liangchi cooling tower fill - Liangchi cooling tower fill

PVC 750 /950/ 1000mm liangchi cooling tower filling




750 / 900/ 950/ 1000mm


According to clients' request

Common dimension



20 mm


0.25mm - 0.33mm

Temperature suitable

-35 °C ~ 60°C


Black, white,gray,transparent

Shaping mode

Plastic extrusion mould


Cross-flow cooling tower

Description of the Liangchi cooling tower fill

The cooling tower packing is a kind of PVC material filler.It is a filler block made by multiple bonding.When we work,we need to put it in the cooling tower to increase the contact area between water and air,so as to reduce the temperature of the tower quickly.

Characteristics of Liangchi cooling tower packing

The product model is complete.The filling of cooling tower is a whole piece when it is produced.When we purchase,we only need to know the length and width of the products that we need.We can tailor the packing according to the needs of users.

It is easy to use and install.Packing is very simple when it is used.We only need to put the packing of each piece neatly,and then apply a special glue for each piece of filler,so we can paste it.The pasting blocks are tightly placed inside the cooling tower,so that the water in the tower can be cooled down through the pores in the middle of the packing when it flows down.

Long service life.The material of the filler for the cooling tower is PVC.The life of the material is very long,and it also has a certain anti-corrosion and anti-aging effect, so the service life of the filler is relatively long.

Description pictures:

Liangchi cooling tower fill can be designed by different width:

750mm liangchi cooling tower fill
950mm liangchi cooling tower fill
1000mm liangchi cooling tower fill

Marley cooling tower fill has various of color :

liangchi cooling tower fill black
white liangchi cooling tower fill
liangchi cooling tower fill gray

The gap of Liangchi cooling tower fill is 20mm :

liangchi cooling tower fill

Max tablet thickness of Liangchi cooling tower fill is 0.3~0.38mm :


Detailed drawing of Liangchi cooling tower fill :

detail01mini - Liangchi cooling tower fill
liangchi cooling tower fill
liangchi cooling tower fill
liangchi cooling tower fill

Production picture of liangchi cooling tower fill :

production of liangchi cooling tower fillFAQ

Q: Does your products come with warranty?

A: YES! We provide our products with 1 years International Warranty.

Q: Can I customize from your factory?

A: Absolutely! We will try our best to satisfy every single requirement from you about cooling systems. At the same time, according to your requirements, we will provide you with a very reasonable and detailed quotation list.

Q: Can you give me a discount?

A: Well, first we will make sure the high quality of the products, then we do our best to save every single cent of you as much as we can by exquisite design.Of course,the more the better. It will be much appreciated if you can write the dimension and quantity in the inquiry.